It has taken two months of hard work by many members. Those  on the Gardens Committee plus others who were asked to help Brian Donovan: but see the difference.

First there was the weeding, pruning, disposal of dead plants, preparing the beds, and the extra watering.

At the same time Neil English has been quietly repairing the stone walls. This is something you don’t notice that has been done because it is little bit by little bit of work.  Here is Neil’s email when I asked for some information.

By last Tuesday January 5th all was in readiness for the gardens rejuvenation. Along came Kevin Connell, Gary Baird, John Nelson, Tak Shum, Tony Maruzzi and Geoff Bandy.  They all helped Brian Donovan plant at least 50 new plants. Many were transplanted from Brian’s garden , the rest bought from Aumann’s nursery. Previously  Aumann’s have donated $400  worth of plants as prizes for our Wednesday night meals.

Hebe,and petunias

Then on Friday at 8am three cubic metres of mulch arrived. Ash Rowe, Geoff Bandy, Bernie Mullins and Ed Porad were all there, wheeling the barrows, using the buckets and the rakes under the direction of Brian Donovan again . The mulch was spread and it was all finished by 11 am.

The surrounding gardens look so neat and colourful……..something to be proud of again. People are noticing and commenting already. Brian is using his special ” Donnos Magic Potion” which his wife Pauline found on the internet. This will keep the weeds in check.

So Thankyou to all those members who do work around the club when no one else is around to see. ( Tim our playing Greenkeeper was working on the back green for several hours today )

See more photos in the slide show below.

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