The Social Committee organised ‘Posties’  to come and show their winter fashions.

This was a chance for some lady members and their friends to enjoy a social get-together and maybe add something to their wardrobe.



Twenty three people enjoyed their morning perusal and shopping time, with many buying clothes. Then with their glass of bubbles or juice in hand it was off for a delicious luncheon. Homemade sausage rolls, little quiches, zucchini slice, a variety of sandwiches, Marion’s famous chocolate ripple cake, tiny cupcakes and Elaine’s hot scones were among the offerings.



Fran Broadfoot won the Postie voucher and Bev Benias the door prize. Thanks to Posties because as always 10% of the money spent goes to the club.

This was another happy social morning with each other, all for $15!




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Information from Irene Garrett, photos from Beth Reid.