We are sad to advise members that former Club member Val Whiticker passed away on Monday August 16th. She was 89: years of age.

Val, wife of past member Bill (Deceased) joined the club in 1989. Due to ill health she became a Social member in 2014 and finally had to cease being a member in 2017.

Although not actively involved in Office Bearing positions within the club, Val was always a willing participant in the duties required to make the club function including managing floral arrangements around the club rooms for some years.

She was an active pennant bowler for some time. She and  her daughter Lee played Indoor bowls. Val invited and took me to my first ever Ladies Gala Day game at Ashburton Bowls Club. Such a kindly thought towards a “rookie.”

Thanks to Kay and Ian Golding for the information and Lee Whiticker for the photos.

Lyn Goodman.