As Ash Rowe summed up , ” It is a unique day in the history of the club.”  The question and answer session ran for two hours and host Peter Hanson noted that 46 participants were logged in at 10.40am.

Tricia O’Connor and Peter Hanson had spent many hours putting this session together.  It was obviously needed and very successful. Our thanks to both of them.

Ash Rowe gave a quick introduction, then Peter Letos was off and running with what has happened over the last four months. He covered Manningham Council  rules and  how they effected the club house, the maintenance of the greens, our finances and subscriptions.

Neil English followed on with in-house rules and motor mower repairs.

Gary Baird spoke of Bowls Victoria’s hopeful new pennant 2020-21 season’s starting dates… maybe November or January, with either an eight week or 14 week time frame,  the affiliation fees, Tournaments, new uniform arrival, the program booklet, coaching, and the date in February for the Classic.

Geoff Bandy was stumped as others had already covered his topics.

Tim Fewster commented that there was good growth on the greens and how both greens had improved under his watch.

Marg Parker gave a run down of our current finances.

Tricia O’Connor covered the online voting procedures on Saturday, also the grants recieved and how the club had used them.

Question time progressed smoothly. It covered the Social bowlers, how we can support our club and each other right now, our membership and recruiting strategy, the Manningham Council, BV affiliation fees again, and obtaining a club license for Zoom.

To conclude it was noted that 80 people were expected for the AGM on Tuesday. This will again be on Zoom.

Ash Rowe did a great job of chairing this Zoom meeting. It was wonderful to see so many friends faces even though several were hard to recognise with that special facial white hair…..What a choice for Father Xmas……Lyn.