Two activities to report.


Doncaster Thirds, our Division 5 team, ventured over to Templestowe B.C. to play their Semifinal game against Templestowe Firsts.  Sadly they were soundly beaten. But well done to this team who were the only team to reach any finals this season.

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The most pleasing part of the day was to see the number of Doncaster Pennant players who came to watch the game. Especially those from the first and the seconds. I have estimated at least 30 members and friends sitting or standing around.


Back at Doncaster a group of men mostly from Melbourne High, were playing bare foot bowls. Phil Rock  was coaching this Bucks Party. The guy the the Collingwood outfit was the groom to be.  John Thorburn popped down to take these photos between his commiserative drinks.   Thanks John.



Lyn Goodman.