WHAT HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEK – Doncaster Bowling Club


First the Doncaster Central Probus Club came to have a try at indoor bowls. They also enjoyed a meal.



Second, Brian Donovan and David Norman really cleaned out the store room, it looks amazing and spacious. Everything is labelled, a place for everything and everything in place.



Thirdly two of the Indoor Pennant teams are in their respective grand finals this coming week.

Update. August 15th.

Unfortunately both teams were again runners up this year. The no 1 Tuesday night team lost to Blackburn RSL 1. , 18/24. Top photo left to right,…Lynne Walker, Dawn Coombs, Kevin Coombs (skip), Elizabeth Reid.

The Wednesday afternoon team (which was promoted to Division 1) lost to Blackburn 1, 14/24. Bottom photo left to right,……Ann Bailey, Lindsay Capuano, Gerda Van der Peet, Bob Byron (skip)………Lyn.