WINDY AND WET PRESIDENT’S DAY. – Doncaster Bowling Club


Saturday 14-April-2018 weather wise and activity wise was a completely different day to last year. No one wanted to venture outside. First we would have been blown away, then we would have been drenched.       

Decisions were quickly made to cancel the usual format and instead have an afternoon inside. The indoor carpet bowling mats were unrolled, the dart board was brought out, and the TV was turned on which was showing the Commonwealth Games.

Many people tried their hand at learning indoor bowls, and from the noise and exclamations they really had fun.

We had an early special semiformal afternoon tea, during which Neil English introduced Dinesh Balgovind who is this year’s Bowls Committee President. Dinesh’s speech explained why he had joined Doncaster, even though he lives in Kew. His uncle V. Singh was a member in the 1980’s. His uncle bought Dinesh’s first set of bowls,(which Dinesh then used to win the minor championship.) Dinesh spoke of the support, and words of encouragement he has recieved thoughout this year from members of his committee and from Management. Dianne Phelan then thanked Dinesh for his work.

It was a much more casual day than usual, on this the coldest day of the year so far…….Lyn Goodman.


Preparation for the day.

First it was windy and then it was wet.

Still wet.

And still wet….but Rien is glad….the water tanks are filling.

Some people learnt to play indoor bowls.

Some watched the Commonwealth Games.

Some people bowled.

Some people played darts.

Dinesh’s speech.