WINTER TIME BOWLING ….INDOOR. – Doncaster Bowling Club


During the winter season you can play inside or outside or both. Here’s a summary of what is happening indoors.

Every Saturday you can play Social bowls. This is a chance to learn, and to stay out of the cold. It is fun, with no pressure and you may win a chocolate bar.




Then there are the Pennant teams. On Tuesday night Doncaster 1 is 1st on the ladder, whilst Doncaster 2 is 8th. On Wednesday afternoon the Doncaster team is 3rd.


During the Queens Birthday weekend four of our members went to Ballarat to play in a competition. The photo shows ( left to right) Tony Cuce, Lynne Walker, Ann Bailey, and Mabel Cuce, all rugged up against the Ballarat cold. 


Lynne Walker is our champion. She has just won the Eastern Suburbs Women’s Singles.