WOMEN PLAYING WELL – Doncaster Bowling Club



Three games were played, one of 12 ends, and two each of 10 ends.

Of the three teams entered, Pamela’s team with Sandra Dyer, Elizabeth Reid and Dianne Dubbledam won all their three games, Dianne Phelan’s team, consisting of Lyn Goodman, Irene Garrett and Suzanne Tyson won two out of three, and Lorraine Bradshaw’s ladies who were Betteke Norman, Kay Bishop and Jill Ford drew one and lost two.

Pamela’s team were the overall runners up with 51 points, one point behind the winning team which was from Armadale Bowls Club. 

Attending were players from country Victoria and Sydney, as well as near and far suburbia. There were 38 teams and the competition has been running continuously for more than 30 years…..Lyn Goodman.


Before play

During lunch

Announcing the winners


And here are the Runners Up.