On Friday 10th December two companies held part of their Xmas activities learning how to play bowls and relaxing.

Next week we have five more outside organisations coming, all to play bowls and have an “end of the year” activity.

Yesterday ECA Partners, a Balwyn Accounting  firm, came for bowls and bar from 3 till 5.30pm , also Jetts Fitnesses came from 1 till 5.30pm for bowls, nibbles, the bar, and then back for another game of bowls during the afternoon.

Peter Hanson is the organiser and overseer of these events and to help him , John Thorburn and John Nelson along with Lou Anastassiou ,Tony Maruzzi and Tom Reynolds, were on the greens as instructors, while Beth Reid, Elaine Kleinert, Lorraine Anderson and Anna Pouki ran the kitchen. Geoff Bandy was in the bar. Everything went so smoothly. What a great group of helpers….Thankyou 👏👏👏 If you are asked to help during the next busy week, please say yes…John Thorburn and Lyn Goodman.

Here are John Thorburn’s and Lyn Goodman’s photos.

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