Yarra Region Women’s Singles Championship – Doncaster Bowling Club


Wednesday January 25 2017

Yarra Region Women’s Singles Championship

Last Sunday (22 January), Debbie Code played in the Yarra Region singles championship final at the Alphington Bowling Club. The singles championship had 29 players and was run over several Sundays.

In order to reach the final, Debbie had to win five games. Along the road to the final she had to beat some quality opponents from the Yarra Region including Jodi Nevil, Mikayla Gibson (state representatives) and D. McLeod.

The final between Debbie Code and Tristania Doolan (MCC Kew Sports) was a tight contest. Debbie got off to a solid start and led early. However, her seasoned and experienced opponent clawed her way back into the game and after a tight tussle, eventually won 25-24.  According to Debbie, she was “amazed by the adventure, stunned by my success and extremely happy with my developing game.”

Great endurance and performance…….well done Debbie.