Here is your invitation to become a excited member of the Doncaster

No I don’t mean like these girls, but we can still clap and cheer our friends and team mates in their quest to win a banner.

Saturday Pennant side 2 finished 2nd on the ladder as did side 4. So there are two teams with a home ground advantage  final game this coming Saturday.

Doncaster 2 Division 3 will play Blackburn 2 Division 3.  Doncaster 4 Division 5’s opponent  is North Balwyn 3 Division 5.


Midweek Pennant still has one more round to play but at the moment two teams still have a chance to play in finals. Doncaster 2 and Doncaster 3 are both 3rd on their respective ladders.

So roll up roll up wear your Doncaster T shirt,  clear those vocal chords and clap your hands for those teams that made it. We would love to have your encouragement.

Update....Wednesday March 11th. Yesterday two of the Midweek Pennant teams made it into the finals.

Doncaster 2 finished 3rd on their ladder and will play Donvale 2 at Donvale.  Doncaster 3 finished 4th on their ladder and will play Whittlesea 3 at Whittlesea. Both matches are on Tuesday March 17th.