Doncaster Bowls Club was transformed into a Chapel for the wedding of one of our members David Clifton to his bride Philippa Bond.


The marriage ceremony was originally to be held in the Heidelberg Gardens Rotunda but due to the dismal weather  forecast there was a last minute change to the club house.

Beth Reid and several helpers had artistically arranged the clubrooms into a reception area and a more formal space.

Fran Broadfoot and 12 more helpers worked in the kitchen preparing, cooking then serving hors d’oeuvres and the celebration dinner for 52 guests. Geoff Bandy was the barman.

Formal photos were taken outside during a break in the rain and David’s special mate John Thorburn, was the MC for the evening.


Thoughtful speeches were made, toasts were drunk, the wedding cake was cut and dancing commenced.

Relatives, work mates, friends  and bowling friends enjoyed a special afternoon and evening helping to celebrate as an obviously delighted couple joined their lives together.

We send them our Congratulations and wish them all the happiness in the future.❤️❤️????

Here is a time line  of the afternoon.

Also a montage of the table settings…..Lyn