Bar Roster Jan-Apr 2024

Cleaning Roster April – November 2023

Ladies Restroom Replenishing Roster Apr-Dec 2023



Our Club is very fortunate to have many members who do so much voluntary work and it is necessary for us all to make a contribution in whatever capacity we can to ensure the smooth running of the club and maintain our strong reputation.

Bar Roster is such an important role in helping members and visitors to enjoy a refreshing drink after an arduous day’s bowling. In recent weeks Doncaster has hosted Yarra Region singles finals on Sundays and Geoff Bandy has been on Duty each of these days from 11am till 4pm (an outstanding effort Geoff). Wednesday night meals, Corporate Functions, Opening Night, Presentation Night and on some weeks up to 4 days of Tournaments and Pennant events are held which all rely heavily on Bar rosters. It is so very important that these rostered members do not let the team down by not showing up when it is their turn, or if unavailable to please arrange a replacement.

Cleaning Roster Professional cleaners are employed to clean floors and toilets 3 times a week, after 11pm on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. Club members are rostered during summer and winter (winter rosters are made from those who play winter bowls) to perform duties as specified on the website and noticeboard at Club Room entrance. These include cleaning and resetting all tables, emptying all waste & litter bins in club rooms and toilets inside and outside and green surrounds. Replenish liquid soap and sun cream lotion, hand towels, toilet paper and fresh urinal blocks in both outside & inside toilets particularly during summer months. Weekly rubbish bins to be placed on kerbside at driveway into our back lane on Sundays ready for pick up on Mondays and brought back in Monday afternoons. Every second week recycle bins need to go out on Sunday and will be emptied on Tuesday morning and need to be brought in on Tuesday afternoon. At the conclusion of your cleaning roster it is necessary for the first person named on the roster (team leader) to make arrangements to pass the cleaning bag with club door key onto the next team. This is extremely important as it makes the next team aware of their upcoming responsibilities. This whole procedure is so important to keep our facilities in tip top shape and something that members can be proud of and enjoy.

Pennant Day Rosters for outside and inside duties are crucial to efficiently run a successful pennant day. On these days Doncaster Bowling Club is judged by our visitors on the smooth running of the day and by how much effort we put in to make the day enjoyable for all.

It is important for all Skips to check the selection board and advise their team of their responsibilities and time of arrival to carry out duties before and after Pennant finishes. Duties of the day are very prominently displayed next to the selection board and need to be diligently adhered to.

Wednesday Night Meals Kitchen Roster involves four teams of ten volunteers each month and all individuals under their team leaders are performing brilliantly just like a well oiled machine, great work!!

For Club Rosters please check the Club Website under the heading of CLUB and you will find the Bar Roster, Cleaning Roster & Cleaning Duties.

A big thank you from Club Management to those who so diligently perform their duties.

Gary Baird

President Bowls Section