The Wednesday night meal this month included an Angoves wine tasting and attracted 120 happy people.

It was St. Patrick’s Day, so many wore green, plus there were two people sporting funny hats, and  green beer if you so wished.

The special guests were several sponsors; Milan from Ray White, Ross Dawson and Tracy Laethaisong from Mannacare, Darius from Angoves and Dot Haynes from the Manningham Council.

Leonie Kirby  had made up three hampers to be raffled, then she won one.

The other two were won by Anna Pouki and Chris Scane.


After dinner and several sponsors speeches,  Geoff Bandy gave a short talk on the coming weekend  finals…

we then played two games of bingo. The first was a drawn game with two people simultaneously calling “bingo”, the second was won by Beth Reid.

Again it was a successful evening,  so thanks to Carolyn Wiltshire who has taken on the task of organising these monthly dinners, and to MC Robert Bateup. Saturday  April 21st is a combination of the next dinner and Presentation Night. Thanks also to Champa Balgovind for her wonderful photos many of which she has reproduced as collages, and to John Thorburn who often now sends his. Please enjoy them. Tricia O’Connor has also put some onto Instagram.

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