Last year the Winter Wanderings article was well received so here is this year’s adventures. If you have a photo that you would like included email me and it shall be added.

1. Where are Irene and Brian Garrett?

2. Where are Joan and Brian Morris?

3. Which country did Mabel and Tony Cuce visit?

4. What are Bob Urquhart and Dinesh Balgovind doing?

5.What is unusual about the Aussie flag that Eileen can see?….and where is she?

6. Whose toes are those?

7. Is that a crayfish on Marion Beckett’s plate?

8. Where is Richard Lovell?

9. Why did John Thorburn stay home and babysit? ( or catsit?)

10. Where is Chris Strobel?

11. Where is Brian Donovan?

12. Whose birthday is this?

13. Where are Peter and Lyn Goodman?

14. Which grand Palace are Lou and Julie Anastassiou outside?

15.  What sporting doll did David Purdon knit over winter? Who will win it on Opening Night?

16. The Johnson’s are on a boat trip, but where?


Here are the answers.

1. The Garretts are at Gantheaume Point in Broome amongst the dinosaur footprints.

2. The Morris’s  are punting on the Avon……in Christchurch New Zealand.

3. The Cuces are near Mt. Fuji in Japan.

4. Bob and Dinesh are breakfasting at Nambour Bowls Club.

5. Eileen is in the Fisher Building in Detroit. The Federation Star or the Commonwealth Star has only 6 points and the Southern Cross is different. This design would have been one of the very early designs over 100 years ago.

6. The toes belong to Caroline Wiltshire and she is relaxing on Thasos Island in Greece.

7. Marion hasn’t told me yet.

8. Richard is in Japan at The Great Torii.

9. John’s wife went on holiday and left John in charge of Sammy and Jerry.

10. ” I am sailing, I am sailing ???” in the Hamilton Island race week, on my own yacht Krystal.

11. Brian is fighting the flies whilst having morning tea on the Strzelecki Track on the way to Innamincka in South Australia.

12.Birthday celebrations are for Kay Golding whilst on the Gold Coast.

13. The Goodmans are in Goorambat.

14. Lou and Julie are outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.

15. The doll is a golf player and I don’t know yet who will win him.

16. Robyn took a day off from her research into her family history and she and Peter are on the Odra River in Wroclaw which is in Poland.