In perfect spring weather 16 teams played their first game this season of  the fourth Monday triples. The 1st game consists of 13 ends and the 2nd of 14 ends.

It was a happy afternoon with two birthdays

and then a new first time player who has never even played a Pennant game winning some money. Congratulations to Henry Goralski and best wishes to Irene Garrett and Matt Cursio.

Joe Agius’s team won first prize money.

The Allibon family won second. Their son David had already left.

And wow, Peter Hanson’s team which included Henry Goralski won first game losers and best second game.

This is a great fun day, with  no pressure of a Pennant game. You too can make up a triples team and join in. Games will resume after the festive season on Monday 24th January.

Peter Caldwell was very proud of this great head.