The fourth Monday Triples are good chance to practice different skills or to  hone old ones .We were  out playing lickity split  as the forecast was for rain later in the day. Together  with Brian Donovan and his green fingered ladies, these rainy days have helped the garden beds bloom, so I couldn’t help myself taking several photos.

Back to today’s game. Overall Barry Hardman was the lucky duck winning one of the lucky numbers at afternoon tea break, then being part of the winning team at the end of the day. So…..two game winning team with the most shots up ((when  Matt came out from working behind the bar) was..…

Matt, Lyn and Barry, 11 shots up


Two game winners with a second highest shots up, was  an all Ladies team,…….

Irene, Kay and Marion 6 shots up


First game losers but winners of a second game…..

Robert, Peter and Lou ,6 shots up.

Lyn Goodman.