Did you know that Indoor Bowls has been played for 50 years at Doncaster Bowls Club?
Before the grass greens were playable during the cold winter months,  many players spent their time playing Indoor Pennant and social bowls on up to five indoor mats. Doncaster is affiliated with the Eastern Suburbs Biased Bowls Association the ESBBIA.

The history of these 50 years from 1970-2020 has been written by ESIBBA Secretary Paul Storey and then printed into a comprehensive booklet. Really it is more than a booklet , it has 42 pages of dates, names, teams, champions, and activities.

Bob Byron has kindly précised this to show the Doncaster players, who over the 50 years, have played a part in our bowling history. Many of these names especially the older members will remember, such as Bob Grisold, Bob Cole, Harry Reynolds and Darryl Bishop. Pamela Reynolds, Kath White, Leonie O’Farrell are just a few.

Below are the two pages of précis, please just press and you can read all about it.


ESIBBA 50 Years Celebration – Doncaster involvement [Aug 2021] Notes


There have been  three copies of this book given to Doncaster  members. Bob has one, I have one, and there will be another placed in the Doncaster Bowling Club’s library. Two of these are available for anyone to read, just ask for a lend……Lyn Goodman.

Thanks Bob Byron and Champa Balgovind for helping with this article.