The Wednesday IBB is off to a good start. They have won their first three games of the pennant season. Today with two emergencies in the team they scored a 7 on one end and eventually went on to win the game.


I think Bob Byron is holding his fingers up in a “V” for victory sign, not just a 2. I wonder whose bowl was the one not in the count?? An opposition  player is indicating a 7 to Doncaster.

There are two teams that play on Tuesday night. Both teams have won one game  and lost two. The Doncaster One team’s losses were by two points and then last night by just one. That hurts. Both Tuesday night teams are halfway down the ladder. The Wednesday team is on top.

Wednesday 29th. Just a little update. The team won again and sometimes this happens in a head. If the jack goes off the mat it is minus points to the team member who does this. You must be careful. Doncaster had the blue bowls.