In the 1850’s the township of  Woombye was a stop for the Cobb and Co coaches as it was on the Queensland gold fields route, ( hence the colourful club uniform), now-a-days it is better known because it is near the famous ” Big Pineapple.”  This is where the four intrepid bowlers  Bob, Dinesh, Peter and Lyn played their last game of their sojourn. They won the first two out of  three games but it was a happy and fitting end to their two weeks of competition all around the Sunshine Coast.

It was also the Aussies V Kiwis day.


The day’s  competition was a game of Fours  each consisting  of 16 ends which took over two and a quarter hours per game. Starting time was 9am and last game finished about 5pm…….A long day.

But there was time for the most delicious seafood luncheon and also a quick afternoon tea break.

After it was  all over everyone  went back into the clubhouse for a drink , hot nibbles and a chat, that’s when Dinesh won his dozen bottles of beer. He really wanted the bags of prawn prizes but he wasn’t in luck.

The Doncaster team have played against some really good bowlers on several  kinds of greens both grass and synthetic. Yes, it has been a pleasant experience and a different holiday.


Bob wants me to include the photo of his special sunrise over Cottontree beach. It was taken from the balcony where he and Dinesh stayed…….Lyn.