Good fun was had by all of those 50 members, friends and family who attended this years social function. Fran Broadfoot and her Social Committee organised a bowls game followed by drinks , nibbles then footy food , games and lastly an auction.

Most people came dressed in their team colours. Laurie Hogan must have been warm as the temperature was an unusual 29 degrees.

There were prizes galore. First after the social bowls game the cards were fanned. Four prizes were distributed to a lead, a second, a third and a skip.

Fran explained to everyone about what to expect for the rest of the evening.

And so it was off inside for drinks, nibbles and the usual footy food which was mostly homemade. Chicken skewers, pies, sausage rolls, hot dogs, hamburgers and of course the ubiquitous hot chips, finishing with a welcome icecream.

Quoits, a frisbee throw and an attempt to plop the ball in a bucket were played with a prize for the most points. Matt had the highest score and won.

Competition was fierce for the glory of handball prize. Ladies played first,

then it was the Men’s turn.

Sandra and Chris were the winners.

Beth Reid held her Dutch auction. This raised $106 . She is a hoot the way she can easily rattle off words of encouragement to the would be buyers and to those who are hesitant. Every item was sold except one, and that will be one of the prizes for the first Wednesday Night meals which is on October 18th.

“Guess the Winning Margin” competition was won by Antonio Cuce and Beth Reid with a 5 point guess in Collingwood’s favour. They each receive $25.

Well done the all the Ladies in the Social Committee….. and to top it off Collingwood won the Grand Final the following day. 🖤🤍🖤🤍, the colliwobbles have been overcome and banished.