The Annual Mayoral Challenge has been won this year by the Greythorn Bowls Club.

This Challenge is played between the five Bowling Clubs in the Manningham area, Doncaster, Donvale, Greythorn, Templestowe and Yarra Valley Country Club. The host club is on a rotation basis and this year it was the eventual winners, Greythorn.

Two teams are chosen from each of the clubs, four ladies and four men. They are usually Committee members. Two games of 12 ends are played with a break for afternoon tea.

This year the Doncaster teams were :

Team 1. Nicole Carriero, Tak Shum. Robert Bateup and Dianne Phelan  as skip. Lost by 2 and lost by 1.

Team 2. Lyn Goodman, Tricia O’Connor, John Thorburn and Peter Hanson as skip. Won by 9 and won by 1.

At the end of the day Doncaster was in third place.  The competition was begun in 1992 and except for last year has been held even since.

The Mayor Cr Andrew Condon presented the special shield to the winners, he also gave a brief  speech on how the Council takes interest in  the bowls clubs, how necessary it is to socialise as we become older, how good it would be to encourage young people to join, and how he would like to play bowls when his golfing days are over.

Maybe it is Doncaster’s turn to host the afternoon in 2022, then again because of last year’s Covid lockdown it could be Yarra Valley Country Club…….Lyn.