It is a pity that only 29 people could go, but the Victoria club certainly made up for our lack of numbers because there were 10 rinks of Fours playing when the cards were called.

As usual the teams were mixed between clubs and that gave everyone a chance to form new friendships. We played 12 ends before afternoon tea, changed rinks, met more new friends and played another 12 ends.

The weather was perfect (not like the Friday before when the Ballarat temperature hit 42 and the cool change did not arrive till 7pm). Our hosts were a very happy very hospitable group and our 29 members really enjoyed themselves if the sound level of talk was taken into account during post game drinks and evening dinner.

Dinner time

Between the two courses of the evening meal winners for the day were announced.

The runners-up on 57 points were Lorraine Andersen ,Ronny Corbin, Albi Reus and Tony Cuce. The winners were David Dawson, Bruce Hallman, George Nichols, and Alan Dennis with one point better on 58. All these players received prizes of pens and polishing cloths or wine glasses and T shirts.

The raffles were drawn and these recipients won chocolates or wine or baskets of fresh fruit or vegetables.

The Doncaster players were all home safe and sound by 9pm. It had been very happy 12 hour trip.

I hope more people attend next year when it is our turn to host Victoria Bowls Club……Lyn.

lots more photos coming soon in photo gallery.