Friday December 7th.


The weather was completely different to last year when it teemed rain. This time the Barleycorners played on the beautiful balmy night.

The Barleycorners originally were a group of bowlers who worked for Carlton and United Brewery. Nowadays anyone can join. They look smart in a special grey club T shirt, and  play at a different club each Thursday night. It was Doncaster’s turn to host them yesterday, next week they move on to Greythorn B.C.

Approximately 20 Doncaster members played against them, but many Doncaster members are Barleycorners too, so it was a largely Donnie crowd.

Doncaster winning team

Barleycorners winning team

After a two hour game it was supper time and prize giving. No guessing what the Barleycorners presented, yes beer and a glass to drink it from……Lyn.