During the last few days while the boys (mostly) bowled at the Classic, or Blackburn on Monday, or Ivanhoe on  Wednesday, the Women have been going on social outings which has then morphed into ‘Ladies who Lunch.’

First it was a movie morning to see Little Women ( no photos) and lunch, then next a visit to Loels Costume Display and  again lunch. This display is a hidden gem housed amongst the Bulleen factories. On show are fashionable costumes including accessories over the last 100 + years, plus patterns and reference books.

Then it was time for everyone to enjoy an Angoves wine tasting and ordering,  followed by Wednesday evening meals. Darius Cheeseman had an expert helper in Lorraine Anderson. Angoves donated the lucky prizes for the night.

Phillip Webb who is another of our long time sponsors also attended and gave us a summation of the current property market. During this past season he has helped the Club with the 15.000 flyers distributed during the new members drive and the street board advertising our barefoot bowls.

Darryl Bishop entertained us with a Ma and Pa Kettle skit.

To top it off a double rainbow appeared.

Never a dull moment at Doncaster Bowls Club.