Cutting the cake.


Eileen McCormack hired a karaoke machine for her 86th birthday bash so the 1982 hit song  “C’mon Eileen” was sung time and time again.

Eileen has been one of Doncaster’s members for at least 10 years, she played Pennant and still plays Wednesday Social Bowls, attends Thursday’s ( now Wednesday) night meals, helps in the kitchen and is on the Social Committee.

This Birthday was 85+1 because of last year’s lockdown. Sixty family and friends enjoyed the noisy and always off key party.

Some of the guests

As Eileen commented,  the karaoke machine made the night’s atmosphere great, because there was bad dancing, and especially  bad singing, as well as just sitting at the tables and talking.

Steven, who is one of Eileen’s sons and  Frank, Eileen’s brother gave funny but thoughtful speeches, she is obviously well loved and respected by her large family.

Steven’s speech

Frank’s speech

Before  she cut the cake Eileen changed the candles from 86 to 68 but that was quickly noticed and corrected.

Eileen has realised what a convenient venue our bowling club turned out to be. No local pub for her. The parking is easy, the room warm and spacious, tables and chairs all there, good lighting , good kitchen and a wonderful well stocked  bar with the ever helpful Geoff in attendance. She recommends it to everyone.

It was a casual, easy going fun night., so once again…….

“Toora loora, toora loo rye ay, Come on Eileen, oh I swear what he means, Eileen, I’ll hum this song forever.”


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