Back and forth, back and forth went the men pushing the motor mowers whilst across and down went the green keeper with the scarifying machine.

It was hot and dusty work for Gary Baird, Geoff Bandy, Kevin Connell, Pat Goodwin , Richard Lovell, and Michael Jones.

Geoff Bandy explained the process of aerating the greens which happens at this time each year. The vertical rotating blades cut into the surface of the green to remove the dead and dying material. This aerates the soil and prunes the grass plants and stimulates fresh strong lateral growth.

Both greens are now closed until December 30th.

I am sure Rien Van der Peet who was one of the longest serving members of the Greens Committee, would have been in the men’s thoughts today. I bet they had a toast and a beer in his memory at the end of their work.        VALE Rien.