Do you remember a Fawlty Towers episode “Don’t Mention the War?”


This book “ Big Wars” could be of interest to all those members who are part of the local RSLs.,  those who did National Service training way back when, and to others who also have some general interest , especially given recent  “nuclear submarine “ events!

The author John Storey is the son of the ESSIBA Secretary Paul Storey. The book is to be published in October at $40, but to DBC members a signed copy can be obtained for $30.

History of wars , the why and the how can be fascinating,  just look at how many TV programs are made and shown. The Spanish philosopher George Santayana is credited with the aphorism,”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Let’s hope sense prevails amongst our world leaders and no war eventuates.

Here is the link to the Fawlty Towers episode.