As we know our Wednesday night meals have been very successful, better meals and better prizes. The Doncaster hotel has donated 4 meal vouchers each week for 20 weeks and their staff also held a barefoot bowls night at the club.

As all club members know sponsorship is a two way street and good sponsors are hard to get and hard to keep.

Doncaster Hotel Sponsorship Proposal:

1. The Hotel will issue Doncaster Bowling Club with sponsored Monty’s Club cards. These cards allow the holder to a 5% discount on all food & beverages unless already discounted.

2. Monty’s Club cards are to be distributed to members of the Doncaster Bowling Club.

3.  Upon presentation of the Monty’s Club card you will receive a 5% discount and Doncaster Bowling Club will receive a 5% rebate. Once a quarter the Hotel will pay the Doncaster Bowling Club the 5% rebate.

4. The Doncaster Hotel has a monthly Newsletter with even better deals for the Monty’s Club members.

What to do now:

1. Fill out Monty’s Club membership form

2. Make sure you enter Doncaster Bowling Club at top of the form

3. Once the form has been completed hand it to Brian Donovan.

You can download the application form here.

(Information provided by Brian Donovan)