December 6th.

Carla Di Mattia  was guest of honour at yesterday’s Wednesday night meals.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Brian Morris with Applewood staff.

Carla has been our liaison with Applewood Retirement Village for at least three years. Now she is retiring. Both Brian Morris and Peter Letos thanked her for her efforts and presence over that time, and Carla responded by saying that she has always enjoyed coming.

She received a beautiful big bunch of flowers.

Carla had brought special Applewood hessian shopping bags to distribute to every Doncaster lady. They contained advertising material plus a lucky number. Now two of our ladies each won a hamper donated from Applewood.

Carla’s replacement, Jacqueline Duval, was introduced and was immediately put to work. She had to press the button for the usual Wednesday night’s winning prizes…..Lyn.  Photos from Dinesh.