FINAL ANGOVES WINE TASTING FOR 2016-17 SEASON. – Doncaster Bowling Club


For one and a half hours wine was sipped, order forms were discussed, pondered over, filled out and returned to Darius Cheeseman, who is the Angoves rep.

Meals started promptly at 6.30pm prepared and cooked by another of the four rotating groups. Later the lucky membership number was drawn, BUT, you must be there to win. So it jackpots for next week. The six chicken dinners were drawn and collected , and most members were on their way home by 8.15pm.

Along with the want and will to win pennant games, it is the happinesss, the empathy, and the friendship that is the glue that binds this club. So a special thanks to my team (plus Irene) who ran the kitchen, the bar and the ticket table, so that everything was capably achieved last night, while I hobbled around……….Lyn.

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