At last the final few Club Championships have been played.

The 100 up was played last  Friday afternoon.  Mick Christodoulou was the winner .Lyn Goodman the R/U . No photos of the game in progress but here is Mick.

The Open Triples was won by……Carl’s words….”The Wog Boys,” ie Peter Demeris, Carl Giardina and skip Matt Cursio.  Runners Up were Barry Hardman, Ken Morris and skip Brian Salvage.

The Men’s Pairs final was between Tim Fewster with skip Richard Lovell and Barry Hardman with Brian Salvage as skip. The “Reds” against the “Pales.”

There was some measuring to do, then it was on with the game.

Eventually Brian Salvage and Barry Hardman won 19 to 14,  with Richard and Tim the Runners Up.

Congratulations to all the winners over the season, and good on those who participated and tried. These events are good experience for all bowlers. The lists are now up for 2020-2021, go on….put your name down and “have a go.”

Let’s hope now we can turn our backs on the Covid year and look forward to season 2020-2021.