This game is sponsored by Jellis Craig and today Andrew Keleher their Representative shouted everyone a drink after the game. THANKS ANDREW that was a generous gesture 💙💙.

He also mentioned the state of the housing market in Manningham where prices are holding well.

Andrew presented prizes to the winners.

First, two game winners with the most shots up on the second game was the team of Brian Donovan, Marion Beckett and Sandra Dyer.

Second, two game winners with the next most shots up, (amazingly only four shots after Brian’s 11,) was Matt Cursio, Lyn Goodman and Barry Hardman.

Next were the first game losers but second game winners with most shots up. This was the team of the Garretts, Irene and Brian and Peter Horton.

Lastly the lucky barrel. Robert Bateup spun his own team out! So he, Peter Johnson and Lou Anastassiou ( who had left) took the prize money from that spin.