Only Melbournians really understand the vibe that prevails for that yearly ‘One day in September.’ The parties, the antics, the dressing in footy colours, the celebrations and the disappointment of the team that comes second.

Bob Byron is confident of a win

It was the same for Doncaster Bowls Club, so after the traditional last practice game before Pennant (which was truncated because of the weather), and then the information session , many people stayed on to have fun.

Elaine brought special memorabilia but David and John were more interested in the future.

The Social Committee organised several footy inspired games and also served up typical footy food.

First was a game of chance, in which you chose one of four finals teams/corners and hopefully you were not eliminated by the draw of a card. After the first round you could change teams/ corners. Eventually there was only one person left …….Gary Baird was the lucky winner.

The next game was hotly contested. It was a handball shot between goal posts. Tim Fewster and Peter Hanson were neck and neck, they got goal after goal even when they were blindfolded. So it was declared a draw.

There was also a team game of handball on the bulls eye board . Points were awarded according to where the ball landed. At the start the umpires had trouble as they did not have their rules coordinated……

After much concentration, and laughter, the winners were the Pouki and Zalakos team.

But then there were more cups awarded.

David Clifton was the Best and Fairest.

Ed Porat was declared the Doncaster B.C. Brownlow Medal winner.

Max Zalakos had the best individual score.

The most improved was Sandy McDonald.

David Purdon was deemed to have the most potential.

Robyn Johnson received a medal too, but I can’t read Beth’s writing as to why.!

It was an evening of fun and games. The Social Committee did a good job. Those who attended had a fine time.

The next day the footy tipping competition was won by Peter Hanson who had the closest score to Richmond ‘s 89 point victory over Greater Western Sydney. John Broadfoot  was the runner up……Lyn..