Covid or no Covid 70+ people came to the Social evening combining an Easter/Grand Prix Night. There were many Bowling Veterans happy to attend as they were denied the chance to meet and socialise when the Veterans Day was sadly cancelled six days previously, supposedly due to Covid concerns.

Caterers are hard to come by at the moment, but Beth Reid had a bright idea and tried something  different…..A Man with a van! Berty & Co pulled up at the front , turned on the bright lights and set to, supplying our dinner.

There was a good variety on the menu, so when our individual number was called, out we went ,

ordered our choice , received a buzzer,

when the buzzer vibrated,  back we went to carry away a cardboard container holding the meal.

Gerda won “Guess how many Easter eggs in a container.”, and got all the eggs.

There were prizes for questions about the Grand Prix.

John Young won the big prize then John Phillips won second prize and Bev Allibon third.

Everyone had a ‘ Drumstick’ icecream  for sweets.

A big thanks to Beth Reid and her hard working Social Committee for an evening well done. Thanks also to Matt Cursio and his grandson for working on the bar. Because of the way this evening was run there was hardly any work needed in the kitchen, which is a big bonus because volunteers are becoming fewer and fewer……Lyn Goodman.

A grizzle… it was noted and disappointing  that only four members from the two main Committees attended.

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