This was a well organised happy evening thanks to the planning from the Social Committee. Throughout the night there was joy , lots of laughter and no one was bored.

On arrival there were two competitions to enter, first a lucky number

and second, your estimated team and points win for the Cats v Swans Grand final……(added later, Lorraine Anderson won this , her guess was 70 points in Geelong’s favour.)

Then there was the special memorabilia auction table to peruse ,

happy hour drinks to buy,  the 2022-23 diary to collect,

and a big box of free lemons. Gosh what more could you ask for…….but wait there WAS more.!

Gerda called the cards for a fun social game of triples.

Here are the  winners who received cups and sweets.

Afterwards Fran announced the footy menu of hot pies, sausage rolls, chips, sausages and hamburgers with coleslaw, also an icecream to finish. The guests had their fill, no one went hungry.

Thankyou to the cooks Brian Garrett and Harry Bunn …well done

A hand ball competition was a hoot. The  facial expressions and concentration really was something to see…….

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Yes, there were several players and friends successful in punching the footy through the hole. The first round scores were tied so there was a playoff …..with the eventual winner being John Thorburn and  Chris Scane as runner-up.

The highlight of the evening was Beth Reid encouraging everyone to bid at the memorabilia auction. Most of the items were donated by members. Kevin Connell sent something from his trophy room.  There were various  footy scarves, badges, photos, plus a jacket from Rebel in Forrest Hill ( thanks👏) , and two framed and signed jumpers.  Ash Rowe suggested that       the larger of these should/will be put on Gum Tree or eBay.

The Social Committee was very pleased with the attendance of 55 members and friends. So a special thanks to those Social Committee Ladies and the men too, and to John Thorburn’s wife Billie who helped unasked with the washing up…..Lyn Goodman.

Here are John Thorburn’s and my photos of the night.

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