We were so glad to be back for the first Pennant practice, to see mates and friends,  mingle at a distance ,and catch up on news. Zoom is great but seeing  people in person is so much better.

Before we started Dinesh Balgovind distributed the new bright Pennant shirts.

It was difficult to remember social distancing, especially as the club rooms were still  ‘out of bounds.’, and there was only just so much room around the paths and greens whilst awaiting announcements.

96 players came to participate. First Gary Baird  and Tak Shum reminded us of all the Covid rules to adhere to some of which were; bring your own drink bottles as the bubblers are not to be used, the club rooms are only to be entered for toileting, wear your masks at all times except when delivering a bowl, only touch your own bowl, and sanitize hands after every six ends.

Gerda , Kathy and Gary were the selectors for the day.

Working out the teams

Working out the teams

Eventually the teams were read out, three new members were welcomed, and it was on with the 21 consecutive ends with no break. Even the back green was used.

There was a special prize for the winning team, how that was decided and which team it was I haven’t a clue.