We are back into 5pm Happy Hour Zoom sessions, and, although I am very grateful to Peter Hanson for suggesting and organising one on Friday afternoon it felt like Ground Hog Day.

A year on, and again we are pottering around our homes, doing the daily chores , dutifully going for a walk, ringing a friend and getting the days mixed up. This time there is no wondering ( dare I say it …excitement )  of what is unfolding. This time we are resigned , cross, and honestly tired of what we are enduring.

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW we are so much better off than most of the world  but that is how I feel.

Anyway 17 members had a subdued chat. Topics ranged from the growth on the greens, to Tournament dates, to who had been able to return from interstate and isolate, and those who had to isolate after being caught up in the Woolies Devon Plaza hot spot, to which men were cooking what for dinner.

It was good to be introduced to Henry Goralski a new member. Thanks Henry for logging on , now we know your face…..Lyn.