Doncaster’s greens are always neat with the surrounding gardens colourful and weed free. The Friday gardening men do the heavy work ( see previous article THE BIG CLEAN UP ) whilst three ladies under Brian Donovan’s supervision attend to the flower beds. These ladies, Sandra Dyer, Elaine  Kleinert and Beth Reid, have each chosen their own particular section and the shrubs and annuals have improved this year. A joy to behold at the entrance and all around.

On Tuesday as a thoughtful ‘thank you’ gesture Brian and his wife Pauline took the three Ladies on a mystery tour.  They ended up in Warburton at the Blue Lotus Water Garden.

There they enjoyed wandering amongst all the waterlily  pools in between morning tea and lunch.

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On Thursday Irene Garrett invited three ladies to join her to play in the Eltham  “Women’s Autumn 4’s.”  Irene said that it was a family affair. Sharyn Arnold ( ex Doncaster) is Irene’s Sister in Law, Annette is Sharyn’s daughter which made Sandra Dyer the odd one out, but a very necessary part to the team.

It was a very successful combination. They came third overall with two wins and one loss. Irene said the loss on the last game was heartbreaking as it was only on the last two ends that they were down each end by one shot. A  team from Eaglehawk were the overall winners . Sandra mentioned that this is the venue for the April Edinburgh Shield RSL trip.

So CONGRATULATIONS Ladies, it is a  thrill to be a winner in a special tournament away from your own club. 👏👏🥉👏👏 Well done.