We must be doing something right because another section of Johns Lyng employees decided to come for barefoot bowls and lunch.

This is the third time this company has enjoyed what we have to offer.

Thankyou to  our members who volunteer  their time either outside or inside to make  sure that these Fridays are always successful. On this occasion  they were;

Peter Hanson organiser, coordinator, and coach, Peter Caldwell, John Nelson and John Thorburn as the extra coaches.

In the kitchen, Brian Donovan, Brian Garrett, Tim Fewster, Elaine Kleinert, Irene Garrett and Anna Pouki, who  prepared the two course meal.

On the bar Geoff Bandy, Peter Hanson, Peter Caldwell  and Tim’s friend Dex Kelly. Sorry no photos of these men working.

John Thorburn.

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I have heard the  Bendigo Bank are using the club room this Tuesday evening for the presentation of their Grants. There are 60-80 people coming . These events can only be useful in showing where we are situated and what we do, and that new members are always welcome…..Lyn Goodman.

Thursday 6th October, an update. On Tuesday evening, Bendigo Bank hosted 108 people at the Clubhouse. Trevor Dawson represented Doncaster Bowls Club and Geoff Bandy and Laurie Hogan worked behind the bar.