John’s photos from the DSC Friday session.

There were 42 year 10 students who enjoyed themselves for the first morning session.

Twenty five year 10 students arrived for the second session which was held from 12.35pm to 1.15pm.
Barefoot bowls fliers were handed out at the end.

The third session was from about 2.15pm to 3.15pm. again with 25 year 11 students. Thankfully today’s weather was a blissful 22 degrees, so much kinder than yesterday’s heatwave. The helpers are exhausted and from the photos the students are looking forward to the weekend.

Thanks to John Thorburn for all these photos plus thanks to all of Pete’s helpers for supervising the lessons over two consecutive days 😊.


PS. As a Club we all should be so proud of how much effort Pete Hanson has put into these coaching days. Peter has assigned his helpers on a roster and several have been there for all sessions. The coaching has been full on with diverse students needing instruction and control. Most were eager to learn but a few needed extra supervision.

Now GO DONCASTER!!!! in the semifinal.