Changing from Thursday to Wednesday night for our weekly meal has been successful.

This success in the main part has been because of the enthusiastic driving force by Pauline and Brian Donovan. I know there are many volunteers who do a four week rotation, but Pauline and Brian do the calculations, the main ordering, some of the buying, and also help with the preparation, the cooking and the cleaning up every week. That was for each of the 20 weeks. Thanks Pauline and Brian…..what would we do without you both?!!!!

Some members could not come on the Wednesday, but there were another group who came because Thursday was inconvenient. Therefore, if anything, numbers were up on last year. Maybe it was the updated menu which now includes sweets all for the same price.

This last week David Purdon’s snowman doll was raffled, which Claire Baird won. Over 80 tickets were sold over a couple of weeks, and $131 was raised.

So ends Wednesday meals till the beginning of the 2019-2020 season……Lyn.