Lawn bowler Shayne Barwick completes 73-hour game to set world record, raises $20,000 for club – Doncaster Bowling Club


Cloncurry Bowls Club manager Shayne Barwick started on Friday morning and played for 73 hours, rolling his final ball at 10:00am today in front of a cheering crowd of supporters.

 He took on the challenge to raise $20,000 for a verandah over his club’s disability ramp.

It was an emotional finish for Mr Barwick, 46, who said he was heading to the pub to have a beer, cigar and relax.

“I’m feeling very well suntanned and relieved,” he told ABC Brisbane.

“If someone told me they were going to do it, first of all I’d say ‘wake up to your bloody self’.

“Second, ‘there’s no way in the world you’d do it’.

“Third, of all ‘go have a cold shower after’. It’s ridiculous.

“Seventy-three hours playing bowls in the Cloncurry heat — I would not wish it on my worst enemy.”

“The bowling club means a lot to me — lots of good friends, lots of good mates.

“The bowling club is like a family member to me, it always will be.”

Mr Barwick said he originally read that 73 hours was the world record, but he later realised that no such record existed.

The longest game Mr Barwick had played until now lasted between eight to 12 hours, although afterwards he felt fine and ready to continue.

Ambulance crews monitored the event, as did officials to make sure the attempt was legitimate.

Mr Barwick was able to take a 10-minute break every four hours, during which he was able to get massages.

Meals were brought to him on the lawn, where he also guzzled water and sports drinks.

Donations were still coming through on Monday morning.