Last Monday morning 66 grade 4 and 5 students from Doncaster Primary School enjoyed a lesson and several bowling games.

Paul Holtschke who is the Regional Bowls Manager and Linda who holds a similar role but is based in Townsville demonstrated the fundamentals to the children.

All the children were then divided into two lines, and they rolled the bowls back and forward between their partners whilst concentrating on the bias and the weight. The aim was to land on a big  plastic circle.

For the  next activity half the children were in red  team and half in yellow.  First it was yellows turn to bowl into a large designated area. The successful bowls were counted and recorded. Then it was the red teams turn. Next it was double points and lastly triple points. The result was 178 for red and 159 for yellow. This was a very very competitive exercise!!

Finally there was a game of  “footy bowls.” Teams of Fours bowled between goal posts.

Thank goodness there were many Doncaster helpers supervising the 66 ten year olds. Brian Donovan recruited John Thorburn, John Nelson, Kevin Connell, Bernie Mullens, Dinesh Balgovind, Fran Broadfoot, Tricia O’Connor, Sandy Mc Donald, Eileen McCormack, Kathy Rehe, and myself.

After the children had left, Paul and Linda organised a helpers competition. We had to draw to Santa without knocking him over. The winners  received Polaris Bluetooth Speakers as prizes.


Then on Friday evening 17 young people who are leaders at the One Community Church in Surrey Rd. Blackburn came to the club for a friendly game of bowls, drinks and pizza. They were coached by Brian Donovan, John Thorburn and John Nelson whilst Geoff Bandy manned the bar. John Thorburn says that the Church has over 500 members and he has invited them and their friends back again if they are interested.

Thanks John for the photos below and the information.