On the last Wenesday of the Applewood Triples Competition the accumulated jackpot was won after four rolls and draws from the barrel. The lucky number was minus 33. Fran Broadfoot (skip). KL Siaw and Dot Marshall each won $87. Now, they were happy that they lost by 33! Applewood representative, Carla, also handed prize money to Trevor Sloan (skip), John Irvine and Jeff Newman who were a team from East Ivanhoe. They were the two game winners with the most shots up. She then presented prizes to Kevin Phelan (skip), Chris Strobel and Peter Letos for the two game winner with the second most shots up. First game loser with a second game win with most shots up went to Matt Cursio (skip), Dianne Phelan and Lyn Goodman. This winter competition owes so much to Peter Demeris and his assistant “barrel girl” Carl Giardina, to Dianne Phelan for buying and feeding us pies and sausage rolls, to John Broadfoot for all the outside setting up, and to Fran Broadfoot and Robert Bateup for organizing the cards and the money. Only one week was lost due to rain and even though many Wednesdays were cold and windy, we had fun, exercise, and practice…….Lyn Goodman.