Saturday 8th.

Brian Donovan has been doing the rounds of local businesses and several have been using the club for the Christmas break-up parties. Last night it was the turn of Manningham Movers.

Because of the 38.5 degree day it was drinks and nibbles, then dinner first before a game of barefoot bowls.

They had a hat competition with the winner decided by the loudest claps or cheers.

By the time dinner was over the weather had cooled a little and out to the greens they went.

Thanks to Brian Donovan and George Pouki who cooked a variety of meats, Fran Broadfoot (especially), Sandy, Bev Benias, Anna Pouki and my good self for making the salads and sweets, and the four men who guided the barefoot bowls, Lou Anastassiou, John Thorburn, John Nelson and Tak Shum……..Lyn.