For two days in a row Doncaster has hosted four different groups who have enjoyed playing bowls as part of their Xmas break-up functions.

Friday December 16th saw both the Doncaster branch of CCP Electrical and  also the Doncaster branch of Ambulance Victoria attend and have fun in the afternoon.


First to arrive at 2-30pm was CCP Electrical. This company consists of 300 employees Australia wide, who are specialists in installing power to buildings sourced from wind and solar energy.

They played a match between themselves then awarded medals. Plus, they liked  bowling  so much that three have joined as members. These three want to play Pennant in the New Year. They are young, have played different sports and are enthusiastic, so watch out.


The second group from Ambulance Victoria came from 4 pm  till 7 pm. There were four Paramedics amongst them. They ordered pizza for dinner, and later they too, enthusiastically played a final.


Both organisations have sent appreciative emails saying thank you and emphasising what a great time they have had.

This week John Nelson and John Thorburn have supervised and coached outside on both days, Peter Caldwell, Irene Garrett, Matt Cursio  and Henry Goralski volunteered a day each, while inside on bar duty were Tim Fewster and Geoff Bandy. Peter Hanson is still not 100% but he always turns up to oversee and leaves early.

These  club volunteers who have helped both outside and inside this week have found these days exhausting  but enjoyable,  so thank you to them all. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

John Thorburn.