Bowling is about to begin…..So against the backdrop of a glorious sunset 127 people gathered for the Opening Night.

They were welcomed by Fran Broadfoot and Trisha O’Connor who gave each person a special bingo card and then they were helped by Barb Benson and Lorraine Anderson  to  choose their lucky number for the balloon popping prizes. Tables were quickly filled with friends catching up with “over the winter ” news.

A two course dinner was served and eaten,

this was followed by comments and speeches by the Executive Chairman Peter Letos, Bowls Section President Gary Baird, Club Coach Richard Lovell, Sponsorship Coordinator Dinesh Balgovind, and Wednesday Night Meals organiser Brian Donovan.

Peter Letos speaks

Peter Letos spoke of the challenge and the flexibility needed to embrace change, the new direction to which the club will follow, the back green, the November garage sale,  he also presented Brian Morris with his Life Members badge.

Gary Baird speaks

Gary Baird mentioned our handbook, the upcoming Henselite Challenge, tournaments, a New Members Day, Manningham Seniors Day and the Gardening Committee.

Dinesh told us of the new tiered sponsorship idea and he thanked Brian Morris for his years of service in this role.


Brian Donovan encouraged us to attend Wednesday Night Meals which begin on October 2nd.

Richard Lovell speaks

Richard Lovell reiterated the monster garage sale, also how to work towards success with skills improvement, he encouraged skips to especially come to training and for every one to aim just that little bit higher. He also mentioned the Yarra Region Events which are displayed on the notice board.


Then on a lighter note Irene Garrett and her sidekick Buttercup distributed the prizes in the balloon pops. Several lucky people won different hampers…..wines, chocolates, a $50 note , meal vouchers, the knitted golf doll, and a filled succulent planter box. Lastly Irene called  the free bingo card.

It was a happy start to the 2019/20 season and many people paused on their way out to write their name down for different activities in the coming weeks…..Lyn.

Thanks to Dinesh Balgovind and John Thorburn for extra photos.