OUR LONG SEPTEMBER DAY IN 2017 – Doncaster Bowling Club


Friday September 29th.


Friday was a public holiday, so all team members in the six Saturday  sides were able to play their last practice game before  Pennant begins next week. The Social bowlers had a game also. It was good to play each other in the usual windy Melbourne spring weather.

At the completion of 21 ends we went inside for our annual information session. Chairman of Selectors Gary Baird introduced this year’s selection team and spoke about the co-ordinators and the side reps. duties.

Coach, Richard Lovell spoke of his expectations on individuals, especially attending training and practice sessions for the good of the club.

Keith Kirby, who is an umpire, told us of the new rule changes brought in by Bowls Victoria.

Gerda Van der Peet encouraged all members to ‘Have a go’ in the club championships.

Brian Morris encouraged members to attend the first of the Thursday night meals which start this coming week.

Then Kay Golding introduced a newish member David Purdon, who has written a ‘War Chant.’ David recited it last Tuesday before his team played against Donvale. He read it again to us.

Who are we?     

Can’t you see?        

We are the folk from DBC.        

Roll them, bowl them, place them near the jack,        

Doncaster Bowling Club – we won’t look back.


Then it was time for the Grand Final Eve Social “ding”…….Lyn Goodman.

 Here are some photos below, and also extras in the photo gallery, so  CLICK HERE

Practice in the windy afternoon conditions.

Chairman of Selectors, Gary Baird.

Coach, Richard Lovell.

Keith Kirby, explaining the new rules.

Gerda speaking about Club Championship entries and games.

David Purdon reading out his “War Chant”